Introducing the Shindaiwa DGW600DM-AC, the latest addition to the Shindaiwa product lineup.

This top-tier welding machine with air capabilities boasts unparalleled quality, power, air and welding versatility-all in one machine.

CV mode offers 520amps and CC mode offers 570 amps. In dual operator mode, the DGW600 delivers a dependable 300 amps at a 100% duty cycle.

What sets DGW600DM-AC apart is its practical features. Equipped with 1 x 32-amp outlet and 3 x 15-amp outlets, all operating at 50Hz, this machine ensures versatility in power supply. Additionally, it comes with a 116 PSl oil-free scroll-type compressor for air-related tasks.

One notable advantage of Shindaiwa welder generators is their minimal operating noise, and the DGW600DM-AC is no different, with a leading-class noise level of just 63dB(a).

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